Session 9a - Tinnitus as a peripheral & central problem

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Time: 10:15-12:15 - June 9

Location: Dargan Auditorium

Chair: Arnaud Norena

1.  An update on the contribution of middle ear and trigeminal nerve on tinnitus and hyperacusis
Arnaud Norena

2. Why is tinnitus a problem? A large-scale qualitative evaluation of problems reported by tinnitus patients in mainland China
Deb Hall

3. Cochlear implantation for tinnitus as a primary complaint
Kelly Assouly, Adriana L. Smit, Inge Stegeman


Session 9b - Public and Patient Involvement

Chair: Laure Jacquemin

1. It’s not just me!’ A qualitative interview exploring the experiences, needs and challenges of adults living with hyperacusis
Kathryn Fackrell, Carol MacDonald, Nic Wray, Veronica Kennedy, Linda Stratmann, Elvira Perez Vallejos, Adam Geraghty, Derek Hoare

2. I can see a path forward now”: A qualitative investigation of online groups for tinnitus in the time of Covid-19
Lucy Handscomb, Elizabeth Marks, Masha Remskar

3. The Quest for Patient-Led Tinnitus Research
Hazel Goedhart, Markku Vesala