Session 8 - Sound stimulation

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Chair: William Sedley

Time: 16:00-18:00 - June 8

Location: McNabb Theatre

1. Earlier Improvement in Tinnitus Since 1 Week After Cochlear Implantation due to Initial Switch-On Within 24 Hours
Sophia Yung-Hsia Li, Ivy Yen-Wen Chau, Lieber Po-Hung Li, An-Suey Shiao, Jen-Tsung Lai, Daniel Coelho

2. Impact of sound therapy on tinnitus distress: a 6-month longitudinal study
Sueli Caporali, Daniel Parker, Jakob Nielsen, Dina Lelic

3. Tinnitus Reduction of Active Bone-Conduction Implant in Single-Sided Deafness; A Prospective Multicenter Study
Jungho Ha, Hannah Park, Hantai Kim, Shi Nae Park, Moo Kyun Park, Jae Young Choi, Il Joon Moon, Il-Woo Lee, Chi Kyou Lee, Hyong-Ho Cho, Hong Ju Hong Ju Park, Jae-Jin Song, Jeong-Hoon Oh, Kyu-Yup Lee, Jae Yun Jung, Jeong Hun Jang, Yun-Hoon Choung Choung

4. Duration and Type of Stimuli effect Residual Inhibition Occurrence and Duration
Zoi Zachou, Evgenia Vassou, Nikolaos Markatos, Dimitrios Kikidis

5. Cochlear implantation for single-sided deafness and severe tinnitus- the patient perspective
Brian Cleary

6. Online sound therapy for chronic tinnitus using a novel cross-frequency covariance-cancelling stimulus
Ekaterina Yukhnovich, Stephen Harrison, Kai Alter, William Sedley