Session 6 - Digital Health

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Chair: Winfried Schlee

Time: 11:00-13:00 - June 8

Location: McNabb Theatre

1. SilentCloud - First insights from a novel tinnitus management app
Maren Stropahl, Louisa Busca Grisoni, Christian Hauptmann, Stefan Launer

2. Delivery of internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy combined with human-delivered telepsychology in tinnitus sufferers through the Tinnibot app
Fabrice Bardy, Laure Jacquemin, Michael R.D. Maslin, Hung Thai-Van, Suzanne C. Purdy

3. Effectiveness of telerehabilitation interventions for self-management of tinnitus: A systematic review
Sara Demoen Antonios Chalimourdas, Annick Timmermans, Vincent Van Rompaey, Olivier Vanderveken, Laure Jacquemin, Winfried Schlee, Wim Marneffe, Janis Luyten, Annick Gilles, Sarah Michiels

4. A Clinical Decision Support System for Treatment Outcome Prediction for Single and Combination Treatments for Tinnitus
Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Clara Puga, Miro Schleicher, Hafez Kader, Carsten Vogel, Ruediger Pryss, Stefan Schoisswohl, Winfried Schlee, Myra Spiliopoulou

5. Using Deep-learning to predict tinnitus patient outcome
Katherine Adcock, Sven Vanneste

6. The experience of Tinnitus UK and their development of Axel, a chatbot for tinnitus support
Nic Wray