Session 4 - Cognition Lifestyle

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Chair: Alain Londero

Time: 16:00-18:00 - June 7

Location: McNabb Theatre

1. Relationship between Tinnitus-related Distress and Cognitive Impairments
Petra Brueggemann, Patrick Neff, Nyamaa Amarjagal, Stamatina Psatha, Benjamin Boecking, Birgit Mazurek

2. The role of physical activity and lifestyle in developing tinnitus
Antonios Chalimourdas, Dominique Hansen, Kenneth Verboven, Sarah Michiels

3. Understanding how naps may modulate tinnitus
Robin Guillard, Vincent Philippe, Adam Hessas, Brice Faraut, Damien Léger, Alain Londero

4. Efficacy of treatments and therapies for tinnitus: preliminary results of a systematic review of randomized controlled trials
Carlotta Micaela Jarach, Yordanis Enríquez Canto, Alessandra Lugo, Silvano Gallus

5. Untangle the effect of tinnitus and hearing loss on neurocognitive functioning
Lise Hobeika, Sophie Dupont, Alain Londero, Séverine Samson

6. Effects of Physical Interventions on Subjective Tinnitus, a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis in Chronic Tinnitus-Suffering Individuals
Eric Bousema, Pim van Dijk, Elouise A. Koops, Pieter U. Dijkstra