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Day 2 - June 8

41. Results of stereotatic radiosurgery of dural arteriovenous fistula presenting as pulsatile tinnitus
Da Jung Jung, Kyu-yup Lee

42. Endoscopic Treatment of Pulsatile Tinnitus caused by Middle Ear Paragamglioma
In Seok Moon

43. Review of Psychometric Validation of Subjective Tinnitus Outcome Measurement Tools for Assessing Acute Treatment Change
Jackson Rossborough, Julia Telischi, Hillary Snapp, Suhrud Rajguru, Brianna Kuzbyt, Tricia Scaglione

44. Effects of Vibrant Soundbridge on tinnitus accompanied by sensorineural hearing loss
Youyoung a, In Seok Moon

45. Revisiting the Diagnostic Performance of the Modified Nine-Step Test for Obstructive and Patulous Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
In Seok Moon, Ji Min Yun

46. Effects of α-lipoic acid in patients with idiopathic sensorineural hearing loss or tinnitus
Kyu-yup Lee

47. More evidence that Botox can abolish tinnitus: intermittent unilateral pulsatile tinnitus. What can it do for other types of tinnitus?
Robert Levine, Danièle Ranoux, Larry Lockerman, Fady Bou-Malhab

48. HUSH: A feasibility randomised controlled trial of hearing aids for tinnitus with hearing loss
Rachel Haines, Trish Hepburn, Jennifer White, Garry Meakin, Wei Tan, Paul Leighton, David Stockdale, Christine Almey, Richard Nicholson, Deepak Rajenderkumar, Jaydip Ray, Deborah Farr, Michelle Booth, Magdalena Sereda

49. Neuromodulation in people with tinnitus: A concurrent transcranial direct current stimulation – magnetoencephalography study
Bas Labree, Lauren E. Gascoyne, Derek J Hoare, Magdalena Sereda

50. Navigation image-guided surgery for treatment of sigmoid sinus diverticulum or dehiscence
Chang-wei Huang, Jen-Tsung Lai, Tien-Chen Liu

51. Co-administration of St. John’s Wort and Ginkgo biloba Extracts in Patients with Subjective Tinnitus: A Preliminary Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial
Hannah Park, Hantai Kim, Jungho Ha, Hun Yi Park, Yun-Hoon Choung, Jeong Hun Jang

52. Audiological and psychological assessment of tinnitus patients with normal hearing
Ho Yun Lee

53. Analysis of auditory brainstem response and otoacoustic emission in unilateral tinnitus patients with normal hearing
Sang Yeop Kim, June Choi, Yong Jun Jeong, Kyoung Ho Oh

54. Supra-threshold hearing characteristics in chronic tinnitus patients
Mie Jørgensen, Raul Sanchez Lopez, Torsten Dau

55. The effects of acceptance and commitment therapy for tinnitus patients

56. Experiences, challenges and what is needed when caring for adults with hyperacusis.
Kathryn Fackrell, Carol MacDonald, Nic Wray, Veronica Kenned, Linda Stratmann, Derek Hoare

57. Effect of dry needling on the masseter muscle in the tinnitus perception of patients with temporomandibular disorder
Katia Sirikaku, Gilson Watinaga, Samuel Moraes, Thatiana Guimarães, Ektor Onishi

58. Noise-induced synaptopathy and tinnitus in three strains of mice
Dora Persic, Ethar Alebrahem, Pim van Dijk, Sonja Pyott

59. Collaboration in tinnitus research, the example of Individual Patient Data meta-analyses
Inge Stegeman, Kelly Assouly, A.L. Smit

60. A Rat Model of Tinnitus Induced by Chronic Stress: A Behavioral and Brain Research
Shi-Nae Park, Ye Lin Kim, Jae Sang Han, So Young Park

61. Intratympanic Botox Injection for Middle Ear Myoclonic Tinnitus: A Large Case Series Study
Shi-Nae Park, Ji Hyung Lim, Jung Mee Park, Jae Sang Han, Jae Hyun Seo, So Young Park

62. Functional connectivity associated with tinnitus: a resting state MRI study
Lise Hobeika, Cécile Galléa, Sophie Dupont, Alain Londero, Séverine Samson

63. The HCN2 channels of the vestibulocochlear nerve may be responsible for the development and maintenance of tinnitus in rodents
Mark Wallace, Joel Berger, Neil Ingham, Christian Sumner, Michael Akeroyd, Alan Palmer, Karen Steel, Peter McNaughton

64. Relationship between risk factors, comorbidities and presence of chronic tinnitus
Erika Barioni Mantello, Rayane Medeiros Pereira, Carla Cristine Bezerra Furtado, Lidiane Maria de Brito Macedo Ferreira, Marine Raquel Diniz da Rosa

65. The Use of Cochlear Implant for Treating Tinnitus in México
Israel De la Cruz Avila, Carlos Cuilty Siller

66. Resistance to Update Internal Contexts during Auditory Prediction Error Processing Underlying the Mechanism of Chronic Tinnitus
Feifan Chen, Sven Vanneste

67. The mechanisms of GABAergic homeostatic plasticity after noise-induced hearing loss
Arnaud Norena

68. A new psychoacoustic test for hyperacusis and misophonia
Arnaud Norena

69. Tinnitus, suicide, and suicidal ideation: a scoping review of primary research
Carol MacDonald

70. A clinical trial of a patient-customized virtual reality intervention for tinnitus
June Choi

71. Hyperacusis is Associated with Smaller Gray Matter Volumes in the Supplementary Motor Area
Punitkumar Makani, Marc Thioux, Elouise Koops, Sonja J. Pyott, Pim van Dijk

72. Phantom perception as a Bayesian Inference problem
Colum Ó Sé, Anusha Yasoda-Mohan, Feifan Chen, Remy Allard, Jan Ost, Sven Vanneste