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Inge Stegeman

Time: 14:00-14:30 - June 7

Location: Dargan Auditorium


Title: Who’s afraid of change: the patch towards responsible research conduct for tinnitus research

We are in working in a time of change: from ‘research for myself’ towards ‘Open Science’. And change is needed, large parts of biomedical studies are ‘wasted’ due to the use of suboptimal research designs, bad research conduct or simple due to the fact that the research is never published. Great initiatives show that the tinnitus research community can be a frontrunner in the change in biomedical science. Efforts to give a voice to early career researchers, to equal collaboration with patient organizations and on interdisciplinary collaboration have been dominating the tinnitus research landscape over the past years. However, we are not there yet. The reliability and trustworthiness of tinnitus research is, to date, suboptimal. Therefore, in this presentation I will give guidance to use Open Science interventions, frameworks for collaboration and easy to use tools to further improve our field. I will use the case of prediction modelling as an example, based on a systematic review we did in 2022. Tinnitus research and the tinnitus research community can be a frontrunner in the change towards reliable science and responsible research. So why not get started today.