Keynote Discussion on Bridging Academia, Industry, Medicine and Society

Location: Dargan Auditorium

Tinnitus affects almost 10-15% of the population. It is crippling for 2-3% of people who suffer with this condition. Tinnitus most commonly occurs with hearing loss, which we know is related to a lot of cognitive processes. The other major risk factor for tinnitus is stress, and we see tinnitus occurring in a lot of youngsters today. Yet, why are we struggling to put tinnitus on the map? Tinnitus is ironically a silent stressor that needs a coalition to be heard on a national and international level. In this discussion we invite key players from the four pillars of national interest to brainstorm ways of addressing tinnitus as society’s growing concern.

Prof. Ian Robertson


Trinity College Dublin

Prof. Dirk De Ridder

Clinician Researcher

University of Otago

Prof. Arnaud Norena

Basic Researcher

University of Llyon

Dr. Kim Nguyen

Health Economist

Trinity College Dublin


Ross O'Neill, CEO