TRI Discussion

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Berthold Langguth, Sven Vanneste, Belen Elgoyhen, Winfried Schlee, Susanne Staudinger, Dirk De Ridder, Jose Miguel Lainez, Alain Londero, Thomas Elbert

Time: 15:00-15:30 - June 7

Location: Dargan Auditorium


Title: The Tinnitus Research Initiative: Past, Presence and Future

The Tinnitus Research Initiative (TRI) was founded in 2005 with the goal to find a cure for tinnitus. Initially a private initiative, financially supported by its founder, Matteo de Nora, TRI later turned into a foundation. To reach its ambitious goal TRI facilitates tinnitus research by connecting clinicians and researchers from different disciplines from all over the world. The TRI beliefs that the combination of scientific rigor, openness to unconventional approaches and preparedness for serendipity are the keys to success. TRI has created a growing network of clinicians and researchers by an initial grant program, by the establishment of thematic working groups, by common projects and particularly by the yearly meetings. For many years now, TRI has no funds and exists based on the initiative of its members. For this reason TRI has currently also no possibility to fund clinical or neuroscience research. We invite all participants to contribute ideas and initiatives in an open discussion how TRI can best evolve to serve the tinnitus community in reaching its goal to develop better treatments for all the people suffering from tinnitus. A particular invitation is directed to young researchers and clinicians as well as to participants who come from those parts of the world that are so far underrepresented within TRI.